Meds in Spain

When we were here for the apartment hunt this summer, Husband talked to a pharmacist about our prescriptions. He understood that they would refill from the bottle label or fill from a paper prescription. Just to be safe, we stocked up on 3 months’ worth of everything before we left.

After being here several weeks, we went for meds to be sure there wouldn’t be a problem. The first farmacia we went to, the pharmacist said I had to have a prescription from a Spanish doctor for the sleeping pills. And she couldn’t fill the prescription for the estrogen cream because the strength here is different. At that point, we didn’t even ask about the other meds.

So – we began the search for an English-speaking doctor. They’re all up the coast in Benidorm, where the Brits are. So – we tried another farmacia. No problem with anything! They copied the prescription order for the Ambien, but they didn’t care if I had prescriptions for anything else. The pharmacist there assumed I had enough sense to adjust the dose of the estrogen cream. The antacid was a bit complicated, as theirs doesn’t include the sodium bicarbonate, so I’ll have to take that in addition.

BUT: we paid about 1/3 of our usual co-pay for all meds. Vale!

Fun fact: almost all of their medications come in blister packs.