We spent Friday, our first full day in Prague, roaming with Cary while Anne finished up her work commitments. We visited the Lucerna Palace gallery to see David Cerny’s statue of King Wenceslas riding an upside-down dead horse—a must-see for every visitor to Prague! The gallery also had an exhibit of political cartoons, many of which we were able to understand, given the current state of world affairs.


We also discovered and rediscovered several “hidden” gardens—one of my favorite things about this city!

A first for us: the Kafka statue, also by David Cerny. The 42 stainless steel plates rotate, creating shifts and patterns before the head returns to its “normal” position.

Our attempt to see the Klementinum Library was a bust; it was closed to visitors for renovations. The English teacher in me was sad at the closure, but glad they were renovating to take care of things.

After a busy day, Anne was able to join us for dinner at a brew pub.

From there, we went in search for gelato and stumbled onto candy making at the Chocolate Museum/Store. (Many stores in Prague are also “museums.”)

After Anne and Cary changed hotels and joined us at the Hastal, we took off for a walk along the Vltava River. Like touristy nerds, we took pictures every hundred or feet or so, as the view shifted.

We crossed the river before the Charles Bridge and wandered through the art shops. Outside the Kafka Museum, we encountered another David Cerny creation: two men peeing on a map of the Czech Republic. Like the Kafka head, these mechanical men are created of layers that twist and turn.


We then joined the crowds on the Charles Bridge as we returned to “our” side of the river.


We enjoyed a steak dinner at the Crazy Cow restaurant (Texas-themed), then dropped by the James Joyce pub (apparently a local hot spot) near our hotel for drinks to top off the evening.



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