getting around – Granada

We had rented a car for the drive from Alicante. Getting to the Parador was one adventure – we missed the turn (really, a veer) because it wasn’t well marked (it appeared to be a one-way street, the other way) – (I know, we’re in Spain.) But we found it eventually, and wound our way up the hill and into the fortress.

Getting to our hotel in central Granada after we left the Parador was a different kind of adventure. Siri sent us way around town, and we didn’t see the hotel the first time we drove past. She started diverting us back when a guy on a motorcycle stopped us to ask if we were looking for some place in particular – I’m guessing the rental car sticker was a dead giveaway. He offered to guide us to the hotel. We knew he would expect money for it, but it was worth it. We drove over cobbled streets, streets that were primarily used as pedestrian walkways, and one-lane 2-way streets.. And once we found the hotel, he guided us around the block to the hidden parking lot. We never would have found it without him!

And then we were in the parking lot…10 parking slots per level, 2-way traffic through lanes built for one car. We only got backed into once, and he was rolling, not accelerating, so it wasn’t bad. Found a parking space, found the elevator, and got to the hotel. We gladly took it on foot from here.

Streets in Granada are not laid out logically. At least in Alicante, all roads lead either toward the castle or toward the sea. Here, they crisscross, and you’ll find a square dropped into the middle of several streets; the squares are like squirrels: they pop up when you least expect them and distract you from your purpose.

When we headed to dinner, Siri told us it was a 5-minute walk or a 13-minute drive, with the drive being almost 3 times as far! That seemed to be the case for most of our specific destinations. Of course, everything is really close for walking – you just have to wander until you find what you’re looking for. But what better place to wander than Granada?

We took the C1 “bus” through the Albayzin (old Moorish quarter) up to Saint Nicholas for the view – listening to Lady Antebellum over the bus speakers. Then the ride down, along streets that aren’t really streets, where there seems to be no room for a vehicle. Cars have to wait for pedestrians headed uphill to find a place to get out of the road before they can proceed downhill.

Looking for a business opportunity? I’m thinking golf cart rental in Granada!




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