It truly is a palace of dreams. And absolutely the best way to see it is to spend at least 2 nights in the Parador. We could have stayed a week and not gotten enough.


Every time we turned around, we found a new stunning view that was our favorite. We still couldn’t pick just one. We have 300+ pictures to prove it!


The Moorish Nasrid dynasty wanted to build a palace that delighted all the senses, and Alhambra does that: beautiful views (even in winter), the soft sound of water throughout, plants with different textures and smells.

We began at the Generalife, truly a place apart. We could have spent hours in each of the garden locations, listening to the sounds of the water and of birds. We watched the groundskeepers updating the flower beds with pansies to add color in February. And the views…


Then down to the Alhambra.

The Alcazaba, the oldest part of the Alhambra, was more about exercise (stair climbing) and views (hence the stairs) than about history.


The best for last: the Nasrid Palace. We visited the Imperial Harem at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul a few years ago, and Todd said then that it might even be more spectacular than the Alhambra. Now I know what he meant. I would say just a different kind of spectacular.



One disappointment: the Courtyard of the Lions was partially netted for restoration. I know it has to happen, but, still.

All in all, the best 14 Euros you can spend!

Tips: You have to get tickets ahead of time, so plan ahead! I’d recommend scheduling your entrance time for mid-day, arriving to pick up your tickets first thing, then starting with the Generalife and working your way down to the palace. Food options are limited, so you might want to pack snacks.


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