dining – Granada

Our most fun meal was a true tapas experience at Casa Fernando (an appropriate name). The restaurant had one bar table, which we occupied, and 4 seats at the bar itself. There was room for 4-6 people to stand at the bar. By the time we left, there were easily a dozen people in that small space. With each round of 2-euro drinks, we got a plate of tapas of the proprietor’s choosing. He poured drinks, cooked, and served up plates behind the bar. The whole time we were there, I never saw the same plate repeated. Our first plate was tomatoes with olive oil and oregano and sliced grilled chicken breasts. Our second plate was sliced boiled egg and grilled mushroom caps.  Both plates had a buttery cracker kind of bread. We had 2 drinks each and lunch for 9 Euros. What’s not to love?

Breakfast was macchiato and churros with hot chocolate – perfection on a cold morning before sight-seeing!

Lunch Thursday: on the paseo under the Alhambra: gazpacho, 4-cheese risotto, and fried dog fish. Sitting in the sun, looking up at the Alhambra, watching the locals walk their dogs. We then took the C1 bus into the Albayzin up to the Saint Nicholas mirador for more exquisite views of the Alhambra and Generalife.


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