Our first cultural event: futbol – the local Hercules de Alicante v FC Barcelona.

We bought our tickets for the game ahead of time – riding the bus out to the stadium neighborhood, then walking uphill and around the stadium to the ticket office.

Todd found the special bus that ran from our plaza to the stadium, and we were off for a 10:00 start on a Wednesday night – that’s right, 10:00 on a weeknight! WHAT???

Until the last pickup, I was the only female on the bus. Many of the guys were obviously regulars, arguing with each other about teams and players while others on the bus laughed at their raising voices.

Once we got there, we couldn’t find our seats. It seemed that no one who worked there could help. So we worked section by section. Todd finally found the row numbers: on the steps, facing the field – so you couldn’t see them unless you were standing below the row you wanted. Problem was, we were to enter our seats from the concourse above. Once he found our row, it took a bit to find the seats – they were numbered from the center of the stadium – evens in one direction, odds in the other, under the seats. WHAT???

Carefully carrying our open bottles of water, we found our (skinny) seats and wrapped our coats around us to watch the nighttime game, just like the locals!



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