Our third excursion, January 2017: met up with Neighbors and Young Neighbors in Switzerland. I had told Todd that London would be our most expensive trip, but this trip actually won that award.

I was still recovering from the Crud I had in Germany, and we were concerned about the altitude.

Our flight out of Alicante was delayed because of weather in Frankfurt. We made our connection in Frankfurt (even though they told us we were coming in at gate 13 and only needed to go 4, we came in at 28), but our bags didn’t.

With a late arrival in Basel, Todd checked us in to the hotel while I headed to the hotel restaurant. I was greeted by a very American accent: Louis’ mother was from New Orleans (yes, he pronounced it correctly) and his dad was Swiss. He had grown up in a small French-speaking village in Switzerland. The best part: Our first pitcher of water had stuff floating in it – his response: “Oh, shit!” VERY American!

The next morning, Todd took the bus back to the airport to retrieve our bags. Switzerland is civilized: public transportation is free to residents and visitors who have hotel passes. Todd made it the 4 stops to the train station, then took the bus to the airport. No problem getting bags. Retraced the journey, but didn’t get off at our hotel; instead, he rode another 12 stops (brain fart), then deboarded and caught another train back.

We showered and regrouped, then headed to the Bahnhoff for our trip to Murren. What a trip it was! Train from Basel to Interlaken Ost, then another train from Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunen, then a gondola from Lauterbrunen up the mountain, then a cog railroad into Murren.

The views from our hotel room at Hotel Jungfrau were fantastic: Eiger, Jungfrau, and Monch mountains. BEAUTIFUL!  But very little snow in Murren. As a matter of fact, they were non-stop making their own.

On Tuesday, all but I went up Schilthorn to Plaza Gloria to Bond World 007 – the James Bond museum. We all dined together that night – good to visit with friends who count as family!

Wednesday, after Neighbors and Young Neighbors had left, we rode the cog train further up the mountain to have lunch and watch families skiing. Taking toddlers on a ski vacation seems like an awful lot of work!

AND THEN IT SNOWED. We woke up to a winter wonderland. Such a change in the landscape – a whole different kind of beautiful!

Thursday, we returned to Interlaken. Our corner room at Hotel Interlaken included views of the church and the water garden, which was half frozen. We browsed for watches on Thursday, then bought watches on Friday before we caught the train back to Basel. My favorite part of Interlaken: “Yes, you can take the bus, but it’s faster to walk.” Truth.

There were too many options in Basel, so we will have to return. We chose Basler Papiermuhle, the paper museum, where we painted paper (which we later framed for our apartment), and the cathedral square. For a journalism and history teacher, the history of paper and printing was heaven! It was neat to follow a group of kids who was there for a birthday celebration, since they got to do lot of interactive along the way.



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