Our first excursion, November 2016: London. Cousin/Sister was there with her husband, who was there on business.

The thing about London is: it’s exactly as you imagine it to be, based on books, movies, and television. In this case, damp and dreary and gray. But it’s not Christmas until you see the lights and store window displays on Oxford Street!

On Tuesday, we walked down Baker Street to Regent’s Park. We explored the zoo, but we only had an hour until closing time, and most of the animals were nowhere to be seen. We did find several puppy piles of African wild dogs napping the afternoon away. They were our favorite! We ended the day with some fantastic fish and chips at the hotel restaurant.

Roaming Oxford Street later, we followed an alleyway and found a neat little area tucked in behind the shops: St. Christopher Place. We ate a wonderful dinner outside at Sofra, safely under the awning while it rained.

On Wednesday, we met up with LeAnne and roamed Baker Street and Oxford Street again. While she napped, we explored the British Museum: the real, live Rosetta Stone! Lunch at City of Quebec. Later, we met up with Paul and LeAnne for tapas (the irony, right?), then returned to our hotel for drinks on the terrace – cozily ensconced by an outdoor heater.

Thursday, we had a traditional English breakfast at the Grazing Goat then explored Waterstones book store – what a treat to see floor after floor of books in English! We spent the rainy afternoon on a bus tour of the city – declining to stop where we had intended because of the rain. A fantastic dinner at Kurobuta capped off the evening.

A final observation about London: Londoners wear their Burberry plaid without irony.



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