Why wouldn’t we want to try a restaurant with the punny name La Tia Juana that purports to serve real Mexican food?

The décor was all tacky border, so we felt somewhat at home.

We ordered margaritas, of course. (Those of you who know me know that I have never acquired a taste for beer.)

The margaritas arrived: they looked a lovely green, but there were Sol bottles upturned in them. Upon tasting, they were more pineapple than citrus – WHAT???

We had a word with the waiter: these are NOT margaritas; they are micheladas. He offered to bring a drink with tequila. We agreed. Next appeared a glass of beer with a shot of tequila in it…The man at the next table informed the waiter that I didn’t want beer. We gave up and ordered sangria.

Todd was able to pull the beer bottles out of the “margaritas.” They were still not margaritas: too much pina and not enough citrus. So he drank the beer and I drank the “margaritas.”

In the meantime, at the table behind me, the guy dropped the beer bottle out of his margarita. Cleanup promptly ensued, but they never brought him another beer. I took over one of ours, and he raised his glass in salute.

As we were eating our rather tasty (but not authentic Mexican) food, another “margarita” arrived – courtesy of the guy at the table behind me.

So, the tally: we had each had 3 glasses of wine earlier at the InterNations mixer down the street + 3 “margaritas” and a sangria for me; 3 bottles of beer + another large beer with tequila for Todd.



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