Travel travails: the original

All of our travel travails are measured against the original: our trip to Lisbon, Thanksgiving 2014.

The cheap fare was out of Houston with an overnight layover in Istanbul each direction. We had to book separate flights to and from Houston.

When we arrived in Houston, Todd went to retrieve and recheck our bags while I went to the Turkish Air gate. By the time he got our bags, the Turkish Air ticket counter was closed. That left him with no boarding pass to get through security.

The agents at the Turkish Air gate were unable to issue a boarding pass if he wasn’t there, so I couldn’t get one to take to him. Security was willing to let him through if one of the agents would come escort him, but no go.

So: we missed our flight and had to spend the night in Houston. The rest of the flight was uneventful – but we now make it a point not to be separated by security: Stay on the same side of security!

On our return trip, the same TSA agent was on duty. Onlookers were shocked and amused when I gave him a big hug – I picked up info and sent a love note to TSA on his behalf; I’m guessing no one does that!




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