Husband had done a lot of online research – for several years. We pretty much knew what we could get for our $750-900 budget. And we gradually compiled a list of requirements:

  • furnished
  • 3 bedrooms – knowing one would be the size of a closet
  • Preferably 2 bathrooms
  • shower
  • Balcony
  • Upper floors – with elevator
  • Centrally located – walking distance to necessities & amenities
  • Washing machine – not combined with a dryer
  • Workable kitchen – expecting small, but well-arranged

We arrived in Alicante at the beginning of Fogueres. Our short-term rental was a one-bedroom. But not really: they had put up a glass wall between the bed and sofa to make the studio apartment into one with a “separate” bedroom. A bit of a cheat, but it worked for short-term.

We began exploring the town. It was jammed with people for the festival. Streets were blocked off. Effigies were going up at every street corner. The last was helpful, as that was how we found our way around – as buildings have been updated, street signs have not gone back up on the new facades. Fireworks every afternoon. Parades and music every evening. This was NOT what we had in mind.

Then came the last day of the festival. All of the effigies were burned. By the next morning, all of the blockades were down and there was no sign of the effigies. Alicante had become the quiet town we were expecting.

On Wednesday of Fogueres week, we stopped into a real estate office to search for an apartment. We eventually found Carlos, who spoke perfect English. But he was the business agent, so he couldn’t help us with a private apartment. That would be Miguel, who had already gone for the day. Friday would be the official office-closed holiday, and he doubted Miguel would be in on Thursday. We’d have to come back Monday.

We were running out of time. We had had to cut our trip short, and we had a flight out Monday evening.

We looked up the offerings on the agency’s website and picked the 2 we were most interested in.

We showed up at the office at opening time Monday morning. And waited. Someone finally showed up to open the office. They suggested we go down the street for a coffee until Carlos or Miguel arrived. We had already had coffee with breakfast, but we did as the locals do and went down the block to a coffee shop. We returned to find Carlos at work. Miguel was apparently taking pictures of a new listing on his way in to the office. We were sent away for another cup of coffee. When we returned, still no Miguel. We told Carlos they REALLY didn’t want us to have any more coffee. And we sat and waited. Apparently, that’s unusual behavior here. People seemed uncomfortable with us just sitting in the lobby.

Finally, Miguel showed up. Carlos joined us to translate. It took Miguel a while to get booted up and find the listings (the ones we had already looked at). He had 3 apartments available. We ruled out the unfurnished one. By this point, it was late morning. Miguel only had keys to one of the apartments and couldn’t get the others until that afternoon. We should come back when the office reopened at 4:30 and he could show us both apartments then. No, that won’t work: we have a flight out at 6:30. No problem, he would meet us at 4:00. No, we have a flight out at 6:30; at least us see the one you have keys to. Much deflecting, then he finally agreed. The apartment was less than 2 blocks from the office.

It was perfect. Newly updated, furnished (except the smallest bedroom), gas stove, washing machine, 2 (small) bathrooms with showers, 8th floor, balcony with view of the castle AND the Mediterranean. Within 4 blocks: the central Mercado, a grocery store, several pharmacies, el Corte Ingles (the main department store, with a large grocery store), and all major bus lines. VALE!

Miguel was shocked that we didn’t even want to see the second apartment. No time for that. So he started on the contract process and we agreed to finish everything online after we returned home.




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