Sleepin’ Easy

Our apartment was furnished – but no linens or kitchenware. So we stayed in a hotel for several nights while we got the basics set up.

Priority #1: the bed

In the U.S., beds are easy: twin, full, queen, king, maybe California king.

In Europe, not so much. Our apartment in Alicante came with 3 beds: one double and two single.

Off to el Corte Ingles!

The double was “standard”: 135cm x 190cm. Note that my husband is a tall man; his feet hang over the edge. The fitted sheet (sabana bajera) measures 137cm x 200 cm x 35 cm. It’s a little baggy. We conversed briefly about getting a little-larger-than-usual top sheet so we had room to roll over without stealing the sheet from the other. We decided to go with the apparent standard: 240cm x 300 cm. That’s right: LOTS of extra room. We bought 2 standard pillow cases, then came home and unmade the bed: the two pillows were actually one body pillow! Add that cover to the next day’s list…

I insisted we measure the twin beds. Sure enough, they were two different sizes: 90cm x 190cm and 105cm x 190cm. Apparently the 90cm is more common, but both are typical. Oh, and the pillows on those beds are two different sizes – makes sense, since the beds are two different widths.

Confused yet?

We ordered a new (longer) bed, then fretted about whether it would fit in the room, while still allowing the balcony door and the closet door to open. Turns out, we didn’t order the biggest option, we just got 150 cm x 200 cm. Enough extra room for both of us. And both doors still open.

I think the landlord’s wife was offended – they had just redone the apartment, and apparently all of the furniture was new. Then I pointed at our husbands: mine is easily 8 inches taller than hers! She laughed and agreed that a new bed was indeed vale. And she approved of the bedding we had chosen.

So: sheets for the original three beds, sheets for the new bed, then back for a second set of sheets for the new bed. When you have to air dry, you can’t count on sheets drying in a day!



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