Today’s sign

Our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant is closing its doors today – after 30 years. The owner of the property wants to redevelop it. The good news is that Herrerra’s is moving to a hotel downtown, but somehow that just doesn’t seem right.

In the meantime, we’ve started packing stuff up. We’re planning on the mother of all garage sales over spring break. We’re getting rid of half of our Christmas stuff, and we filled a bin for each of the boys. Todd packed up 3 bins of photo albums. We didn’t even look through them; we just packed them. And we’ve started packing up 4 (!) sets of china.

Todd continues to look for apartments. I’ve spent the week looking into the visa process. There’s a lot involved, and we’ve got to figure out the timing.


Today’s sign

While at our neighborhood Starbuck’s this morning, I found out that it will be relocating this summer. They are building another one a mile south – a mile out of the way, the wrong way, for us. A better location for commuter traffic, and I assume it will have a drive-in.

But our local store is our local “pub.” Like Cheers, everyone there seems to know everybody’s name. It’s home to the group of guys who work from home but gather there in the mornings to share news, Bible study groups throughout the day, sat-at-home moms after school drop-off, school study groups in the afternoons, people meeting for business or just to meet.

I see it as a sign that we are meant to do this.

They’re popping up everywhere. Like the crossword puzzle clue: overseas – answer: abroad.


Operation Alicante begins…

Operation Alicante begins…

Welcome to our blog about moving to Spain. You can share the journey with us.

Why Spain? Why not?

We are a second marriage. The day we married, we had a small family ceremony, went to dinner, went to Older Son’s baseball game, went home and did homework, got everyone into bed, then got up the next day and went to school like nothing had changed.

Now Older Son has graduated from college and Younger Son has settled down somewhat, so it’s OUR TURN!

Operation Alicante has officially begun. We’ve let Those Who Need to Know know that we’ll be retiring at the end of this school year. We have a trip booked for June/July to scope things out and hopefully find a place to live. We’re looking at moving by October. In the meantime, we’ve started in earnest to get the house ready to put on the market in May and purge our belongings.